About us

MIXX Charge develops innovative products that allow people to power, connect wirelessly and make better use of their mobile devices. We are a UK company, meaning all research, design, development, innovation, testing and analysis is conducted through our team of dedicated professionals who strive to transform the way people interact with their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Whether you are a frequent traveller, a business user, a commuter or a technology fanatic, we design products to enhance connectivity and to help you keep up with today’s demanding lifestyle.

MIXX Charge is a division of MIXX Ltd, specialists in audio and wireless technologies. Founded in 2007, the company has since grown to extend its product portfolio and family of brands to include MIXX Audio, MIXX Charge and MIXX In-Car. Having celebrated 10 years and experienced significant growth, our focus remains on designing products that are relevant today and deliver real benefits to our millions of customers. From Bluetooth headphones, to super-fast QC 3.0 power banks and wireless chargers, we are committed to engineering products that incorporate new and emerging technologies in order to empower people to do more in less time.

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